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Habits + Med Spa is dedicated to treating our inner and outer self’s needs with non-surgical, state-of-the-art treatments.

Our Philosophy = To glow from the inside out.

We offer weight loss services, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and dietary counseling through sophisticated laboratory analysis of our bodies food allergies, intolerance's and inflammatory sources.

Our Services

Wellness + Health + Aesthetics

We look at your Wellness from the inside out: using exhaustive, in-depth Advanced Lab Testing.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Services: Fillers + Neuromodulators + Peels + Facial Treatments + Anti-Ageing + Acne + Preventative + Corrective

Weight Loss + Athletic Peak Performance Protocols

CEO/Management Health and Wellness protocols

Rejuvenation/Detox Weekend Packages

Pellet Hormone Therapy

The United States has been proven to be the leading nation for hormone imbalances that are affecting our overall health and wellness, chronically.  Hormone disruptions caused by medications, birth control and environmental factors are what we seek to correct for you.


We use only state-of-the-art fillers and neuromodulators with proven track records for safety and efficacy. If the research does not validate a product, we will not carry it, as some contain particles we will not work with. Injecting is an art: only our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon injects all filler and neuromodulators.


We utilize three Lab Testing Companies to arrive at the information we want to know for you. We use Vibrant-America Lab testing for our cellular level knowledge, Test Smartly for any 90 day hair sampling of any lab deficiencies you might have and Quest Diagnostics for generalized testing needed.


Habits + MedSpa is exhaustive in all their pursuits to get at what is really your health status. 

We currently utilize our testing through; German Hair Sampling, Vibrant-America Labs, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Wells Pharmacy Network, Innovex Pharmaceutical all based in the USA and FDA Certified and Inspected.

Testing Experience the Power of
Integrative Medicine

Feeling slow, tired, hormonally off or depressed? Experiencing weight gain, hair loss, fatigue or brain fog? We know exactly what to look for with thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances during all stages of life and wellness. Our lab testing will finally be able to give you answers instead of another doctor telling you "everything is fine".

We treat you from the inside out in a Health + Wellness capacity focusing on metabolic balancing and hormone replacement, while at the same time helping your external shine and glow in a cosmetic capacity.

We utilize exhaustive testing to arrive at your health goals by creating a custom treatment plan for you. Our entire approach for a patient is to feel their absolute best. Whether you are a stay at home parent, an athlete reaching for your peak performance or an executive looking to optimize health for longevity, we have you covered.  We only speak a health language and advocate for your optimization in all you do in life.



Preventative Care Wellness Preventative Health Care:

Habits + Med Spa is dedicated to treating our inner and outer self’s needs with non-surgical, state-of-the-art treatments. Our philosophy is "To glow from the inside out”. This means not only to achieve a more youthful appearance from a variety of cosmetic procedures such as neuromodulators, dermal fillers and comprehensive skin care, but to actually achieve youthfulness of our inner selves. To address this need in a meaningful way we offer weight loss services, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and dietary counseling through sophisticated laboratory analysis of our bodies allergies, intolerances and inflammatory sources.

Are you experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drive and energy levels, joint pains or insulin resistance? If you are a female, are you experiencing hot flashes and menopausal symptoms? If you are a male, are you experiencing erectile problems? Many of these symptoms and problems stem from testosterone deficiency in both sexes. The cornerstone of our bioidentical hormone replacement program is testosterone replacement therapy.


Did you know:

Testosterone - NOT ESTROGEN - is the most abundant biologically active hormone in women.

Testosterone is essential for women's physical and mental health and well-being.

There is substantial evidence that testosterone therapy can provide cardio-protective measures which, for women over 50,  can help with heart disease protection.

Low Testosterone levels affect 1 in every 4 men over the age of 30 and affects 13 million men in the United States.

Vitamins + Skin Care + Thyroid Medications

  • PCA Professional Skin Care Products
  • Noon Aesthetics Skin Care
  • Vitamins
  • Thyroid Options

Specialists Meet Our Experts


Dr. Vikram Zadoo


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  F.A.C.S.


Jules Collins


Registered Nurse

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