About Us

How did we get here?

At the heart of any business is "WHY"?

Out of sheer frustration with the options we were given for our own medical care, we grew a medical practice that never stops for answers. At the center of our story are two medical professionals: a Plastic Surgeon and a Registered Nurse with a combined 40+ years of patient care.  Over this time period, we have come to recognize the limitations of traditional medicine in terms of preventative care, health maintenance and youthful appearance. 

Instead of relying on treatments aimed at symptoms, we strive to focus on interventions aimed at causes. 

Modern medicine has reached an exciting new era with discoveries in the “laboratory”, which can now be integrated into our care often without major surgeries or drugs. Our experience and expertise allow us to critically evaluate and integrate modern medical breakthroughs into our non-surgical emphasis in the field of wellness medicine.

In a broken healthcare system that is centered around late-stage disease, functional medicine seeks to address the root cause of illness and restore health to the patient. It is often defined as healing-oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of their lifestyle.


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