Dr. Vikram Zadoo, MD

Habits Med Spa is owned and operated by a physician: Dr Vikram Zadoo MD and Registered Nurse, Jules Collins RN BSN. Dr Zadoo’s background is as a board-certified plastic surgeon of over 20 years’ experience. He is still active in clinical practice focusing on slimming and body contouring for women and men in Denver, Co. His interest in wellness medicine started with hormone replacement. His cosmetic patients were presenting with symptoms and health problems from undiagnosed deficiencies in hormone levels. These issues were not being addressed by traditional medicine especially women that were pre-menopausal with unrecognized hormone imbalances. The health benefits from hormone replacement extended to overall better health for the individuals supported by extensive research and scientific studies. This led to Habits Med Spa addressing deficiencies in traditional medicine with the focus on preventative medicine and longevity of the individual. Based on leading authorities in preventative medicine Habits uses the 5 pillars of health approach to help diagnose and treat their clients and patients. The 5 pillars include: metabolic health and nutrition, medicines and supplements, movement and stability programs, sleep hygiene and mental and emotional health.