Pellet Hormone Therapy

Pellet Hormone Therapy

Discover a Balanced You: Pellet Hormone Therapy

At Habits + MedSpa, we believe in the perfect union of nature and science. As dedicated practitioners in the field of internal medicine with a specialized focus on hormone replacement therapy, we bring forth an innovative approach to restoring your body's natural balance. Pellet hormone therapy is one of our signature services, designed to cater to those seeking a harmonized life.

What is Pellet Hormone Therapy?

Hormones are vital chemical messengers in our body that regulate everything from our mood, metabolism, sleep cycle, to reproductive health. Over time, due to age, illness, or environmental factors, there can be a decline in the production of these crucial hormones.

Pellet hormone therapy is an advanced, bioidentical hormone replacement technique where tiny pellets, smaller than a grain of rice, are implanted beneath the skin. These pellets release consistent and natural doses of hormones, rejuvenating your body and restoring hormonal equilibrium.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Brain Fog

Weight Gain

Low Energy


Dry Skin, Brittle Fingernails

Low Libido

Abdominal Weight Gain

Are you one of many who have been told getting older means just accepting  fatigue, “brain fog”, anxiety, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drive and energy levels, joint pains and insulin resistance? As a female, were you told to accept hot flashes and menopausal symptoms? As a male: erectile problems?




We beg to differ; you do not have to live feeling like this.


Many of these symptoms and problems stem from testosterone deficiency in both genders. The cornerstone of our hormone replacement program is testosterone replacement therapy for both men and women. This is done by placing small pellets of testosterone the size of rice grains into the fat of the “love handles” or upper hip area of the body for both men and women.

The advantages of testosterone pellet therapy over other delivery methods include steady, consistent blood levels instead of the spikes and dips in blood levels associated with injections. Additionally, pellet therapy involves less frequent treatments: every 3-4 months instead of weekly injections. Contact us for a consultation and evaluation if you are experiencing any of the symptoms and problems mentioned.


The health benefits of testosterone pellet therapy include:

Decreased blood sugar and insulin resistance
Improved heart health
Improved memory and mental clarity
Decreased fat and Increased muscle mass and bone density 
Increased energy levels and sex drive
Improvement in menopausal, perimenopausal and menstrual symptoms
Decreased anxiety and overall improved sense of well being and quality of life


Some facts concerning “T” therapy:

  • In both sexes, testosterone is the most common sex hormone.
  • In both sexes, there are cell receptors, or “doorways” throughout the body for testosterone: the brain, heart, muscle, bone, bladder, skin, fat, breast, uterus and male sex organs. These tissues require testosterone for proper function; therefore the effects of testosterone on the body are global and critical.
  • Estrogen is a vital hormone as well for both sexes. It is actually derived from testosterone and converted to estrogen inside the cells of our bodies by an enzyme called aromatase. This intracellular estrogen has important functions for many of the body's critical systems.
  • Some females require additional dosing with estrogen or progesterone and can be included as part of the pellet therapy.


Did you know?

In healthy females, testosterone levels are normally 4-5 times greater than estrogen.

Testosterone has been placed in the arteries of the heart and shown to increase blood flow to the heart.

Testosterone pellet therapy has been shown to decrease breast cancer incidence in females and actually shrink breast cancers in the lab and in human studies.

What are Hormone Pellets?

Hormone pellets are tiny, custom-compounded therapies for symptoms that stem from hormonal imbalances. They are made of natural plant-based ingredients and are about the size of a grain of rice. The pellets are bioidentical, meaning they are structurally the same as hormones native to our body.

What Does a Hormone Pellet Do?

When inserted under the skin, these pellets consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones. They provide optimal therapy by maintaining consistent hormone levels, mimicking the body’s natural rhythm.

Why Choose Pellet Hormone Therapy?

1. Natural & Bioidentical: Unlike some synthetic alternatives, the hormones used in our pellet therapy are derived from natural plant sources and are identical to the body's own hormones.

2. Steady Release: Pellets ensure a consistent release of hormones, eliminating the peaks and troughs associated with other delivery methods.

3. Long-Lasting: A single pellet insertion can provide a steady flow of hormones for 3-6 months.

4. Minimal Side Effects: Due to the bioidentical nature and steady release mechanism, our patients experience fewer side effects.

Pros and Cons of Hormone Pellets


  • Natural and Bioidentical: Plant-derived and identical to our body's hormones.
  • Steady Release: Consistent delivery avoids the highs and lows seen with other methods.
  • Long-Lasting: Each pellet provides hormones for 3-6 months.
  • Minimal Side Effects: The bioidentical nature and steady release offer fewer side effects.


  • Invasive Procedure: Requires a minor surgical insertion.
  • Cost: May be higher than traditional hormone replacement methods.
  • Less Flexible Dosage Adjustments: Altering dosage requires a new pellet insertion.


Do Hormone Pellets Make You Gain or Lose Weight?

Hormone pellets can help regulate body metabolism and energy use, which can assist with weight control. However, they are not a weight loss solution on their own. Some patients report weight loss due to optimized hormone levels, while others might experience weight stability. As with any therapy, individual results may vary.

Are They Safe?

Absolutely. When administered by trained professionals like our team at Habits + MedSpa, pellet hormone therapy is both safe and effective. However, like all medical procedures, it’s essential to discuss personal health conditions and potential risks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While pellet hormone therapy is well-tolerated by most, potential side effects might include:

  • Minor bleeding or bruising at the insertion site.
  • Swelling or redness at the insertion site.
  • In rare cases, infection at the insertion site.
  • Potential changes in hair growth or mood swings.

How often do I need the therapy?

Typically, pellets last 3-6 months, after which they are naturally dissolved by the body. Your specific needs will dictate the frequency.

Will there be any scars from the pellet insertion?

The insertion is minimally invasive with a tiny incision, often leaving no noticeable scar.

How Much Do Hormone Pellets Cost?

The cost of hormone pellet therapy varies based on individual needs and geographic location. At Habits + MedSpa, we prioritize transparency. During your consultation, we’ll provide a detailed cost breakdown and discuss any available financing or insurance coverage options.

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