Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic Injection Services

While injectables have the ability to enhance our features and build confidence, they are also being used in corrective and preventative ways, generally in anti-aging. Receiving cosmetic injections in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments will provide the best results. Backed by over 20 years of experience, our very own Plastic Surgeon Dr. Zadoo does all of our injections.



Dysport-$12/unit (tri-unit)


Restylane Filler Products ($750 per syringe)

Lips (Restylane Kysse)-typically 1 syringe

Cheek (Restylane Lyft)-typically 1-2 syringes

Chin (Restylane Defyne)-typically 1 syringe


Dysport vs. Botox, Xeomin, Jeuveau, Debate: Which is best for where and why? 

While all are botulinum toxin injections used to treat and prevent wrinkles, they do vary in trace proteins-which can vary your effectiveness at specific injection sites.  Therefore, if you want to soften expression lines on your forehead and the area between your eyes (moderate to severe line), Dysport is the way to go according to Dr. S Mark Mckenna MD in Atlanta and our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Zadoo. This has been studied and outcomes for improvement documented for such with patient satisfaction scores. Crows' feet improve with such as well, but filler choices might actually be the better route to go then a neurotoxin for longer results. There is no absolute right or wrong answer here but we use specific modalities that offer more studies on outcomes as our guide. Your perception of results can obviously vary from ours and vice versa but we always stand by our work and blocking efficacy. Softening of any fine lines and wrinkles is a different outcome and thus has to be treated with a unique approach,  as skin texture and home care is a huge variable in creating a desired result.


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