"Wouldn't be where I am today with Wellness MedSpa! Highly recommended to anyone trying o lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. I am 130 pounds down and counting."


Gabriella T. - 2019

"I came to this practice because I wasn't feeling great (energy wise), in a long time but thought it was from just a busy life with full-time job and kids... After 3 months of working with them I am a changed person in so many ways. I had horrible hormone imbalances that caused weight gain, was super groggy all the time and no energy. Once that was corrected, I got a chemical peel and tried Jeuveau and won't see anyone else now because no one does what they do, thanks to all the staff at Habits + MedSpa again!"

Mandi S. - 2018

"WOW, can you say got my A Game back on!" I am so grateful a nurse friend of mine who worked with Dr Zadoo told me about his practice, it is so unique and helpful. Basically had no idea I was anemic, so not only got the best filler's injected by a surgeon, got my health back on track too all in one visit! My husband and I joke now and call this the 2:1 spa now and I have sent all my friend's their way with such a generous referral program too"".. You have to wait to get in sometimes but well worth it, they are BUSY and I see why"


Gladyss M. - 2019

"My daughter's used this practice and invited me to come in for a "birthday makeover"-so I did. After 2 appointments I got year's taken off my face that I had no idea was even possible without surgery and pain free almost with the techniques he uses. I come in monthly for B12 shots to visit with the RN and feel better too, ever so grateful for your care."

Donna L. - 2019

"So tired of my 'waddle' neck and told by a coworker about Dr Zadoo and their whole care spa..Was thinking I needed a face lift and surgery and so thrilled to hear from a surgeon NO surgery required for less procedures and cost. Love my Kybella and filler results on my chin line and cannot say enough good things about this practice, they care and it shows."