Jules Collins

Jules Collins

Jules Collins, the heart and soul of Habits + Medspa, is a beacon of expertise and passion in the healthcare industry. With over 25 years of dedication as a Registered Nurse, Jules has an unparalleled journey that speaks volumes about her commitment to patient care.

Beginning her illustrious career in the Intensive Care Unit in Austin, TX, she was handpicked to train alongside some of the most esteemed critical care providers. This invaluable experience, spanning over five years, paved the way for her to take on challenging roles, including her tenure in the Aortic Aneurysm Repair Unit: Critical Care in Houston. Here, she had the honor of working with world-renowned surgeons Dr. Denton Cooley and Dr. Michael E. DeBakey. It was during this phase that Jules developed a profound love for Cardiac/Heart Care, which she pursued with vigor throughout her hospital career.

Life took a beautiful turn when she met her soulmate, and together they embarked on a journey that exposed Jules to diverse healthcare environments, from rural Georgia to the prestigious MD Anderson Oncology care and a Level 1 Trauma Center in Kansas City, MO.

However, it was her foray into preventive medicine that truly transformed her perspective. Witnessing the miraculous recovery of a patient who shed over 150 lbs without invasive surgery, Jules realized the immense potential of food and preventive medicine. This revelation led her to Habits + Medspa, where she seamlessly blends internal wellness with external aesthetics, offering a holistic approach to care.

Outside the Medspa, Jules dedicates her time to mental health care, serving the most vulnerable at a Walk-IN Crisis Center. But it’s not all work for this dynamic lady. When she takes a breather, you’ll find her enjoying a stroll with her dogs, visiting her college-going child in Texas, or immersed in a book, forever quenching her thirst for knowledge.

Jules’ mantra, “Be well and ask how to get there, no wrong answers just keep asking for the BEST answers for your wellness,” is a testament to her unwavering belief in seeking the best in healthcare. With her at the helm, you’re not just a client; you’re a testament to her life’s mission. Never settle, especially when it comes to your health.