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Habits + Med Spa is dedicated to treating our inner and outer self’s needs with non-surgical, state-of-the-art treatments.

Our Philosophy = To glow from the inside out.

We offer weight loss services, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and dietary counseling through sophisticated laboratory analysis of our bodies food allergies, intolerance’s and inflammatory sources.


At Habits + MedSpa, we believe in the perfect union of nature and science. As dedicated practitioners in the field of internal medicine with a specialized focus on hormone replacement therapy, we bring forth an innovative approach to restoring your body’s natural balance. Pellet hormone therapy is one of our signature services, designed to cater to those seeking a harmonized life.

Take control of your health and fitness goals with our advanced DEXA Scan technology. This quick and precise diagnostic tool provides detailed insights into your bone density, body fat percentage, and muscle mass, empowering you with the knowledge to tailor your wellness strategies effectively.

Experience a boost in energy, enhanced wellness, and improved recovery with our specialized IV Medicine therapies. At Habits Med Spa, we tailor intravenous treatments to your unique health needs, promoting better hydration, vitamin absorption, and overall vitality.

Stop struggling with skin issues and embark on a journey to discover RF Microneedling – an innovative combination of Collagen Induction Therapy along with Radiofrequency Energy designed to revamp your complexion and bolster your self-esteem. This guide contains comprehensive information that will educate you about the fundamentals behind this breakthrough cosmetic procedure, its perks, and the steps required for preparation prior to treatment. Get ready uncover all secrets related to RF Microneedling!

Today’s medical innovations present boundless possibilities. At the heart of Habits + Medspa’s offerings is the promise of not just longer life but one enriched with vitality and vigor. Guided by the expertise of practice, our longevity testing suite stands as a beacon of modern medical excellence.

At Habits + MedSpa, we’re delighted to introduce a revolution in hair restoration treatments – the Procell Therapies Procell Microchanneling Treatment. This pioneering procedure aims to address hair loss and thinning, and helps stimulate the growth of healthier, thicker, and fuller hair.

This facial treatment is centered around 3 core steps-exfoliate, oxygenate and infuse. Using proprietary technology, it leaves the skin plump and glowing with increased product absorption. Includes steam and extraction.


Meet Our Experts

We treat you from the inside out in a Health + Wellness capacity focusing on metabolic balancing and hormone replacement, while at the same time helping your external shine and glow in a cosmetic capacity.

Dr. Vikram Zadoo

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon F.A.C.S.

Jules Collins

Jules Collins

Registered Nurse


What Our Clients Say About Us

Wouldn't be where I am today with Habits + MedSpa! Highly recommended to anyone trying o lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. I am 130 pounds down and counting.


I am thrilled with my results from Habits + MedSpa. I have lost a total of 55 lbs and happy to say a year later I've kept it off. This is a small, boutique style medical practice. They make sure you are successful-I felt like they are family to me on my journey and really taught me where I was getting off track in life. Thank you all at Habits + MedSpa for giving me back my "younger feeling, happy self". I could never have done it without your center and personal care!!!


I had given up on my 43 year old lip's until a friend told me about Habits + Medspa and that the surgeon there ONLY does filler's and injections, he will not farm it out to anyone else because he is so particular. I got exactly what I wanted and he used a numbing block like at the dentist, so I felt very little of pain at all. Thank you so much Dr Zadoo and staff, I feel 10 year's younger with just one procedure so far, wow!

Mandy D.

I came to this practice because I wasn’t feeling great (energy wise), in a long time but thought it was from just a busy life with full-time job and kids… After 3 months of working with them I am a changed person in so many ways. I had horrible hormone imbalances that caused weight gain, was super groggy all the time and no energy. Once that was corrected, I got a chemical peel and tried Jeuveau and won’t see anyone else now because no one does what they do, thanks to all the staff at Habits + MedSpa again!

Gabriella T. - 2019


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